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We are pleased to announce that we are rolling with a new krewe this coming year, the Krewe of Freret. This Krewe of Freret and the Legion of Mars will ride on February 3, 2018.  

The Krewe of Freret is a New Orleans based, co-ed krewe, with a focus on preserving Mardi Gras tradition, supporting local businesses, and conducting service events that benefit the city. The Krewe of Freret is not a new krewe; they paraded for more than 40 years until the mid-1990’s, and 2014 was their first Mardi Gras parade since the break in the 90’s. The Krewe of Freret parade will start at approximately 2:30pm at the intersection of Napoleon Avenue and Tchoupitoulas Street in New Orleans. The parade will proceed north until intersecting St. Charles Street, where the krewe will turn right. The Krewe of Freret will follow St. Charles all the way to Lee Circle, around the circle and back on to St. Charles northward to Canal Street. At Canal, the parade will turn left and follow Canal Street to University Place, where the parade will turn around and proceed on the opposite side of Canal Street southeastward. The krewe will follow Canal until the intersection with Tchoupitoulas Street where the parade will turn left. The parade follows Tchoupitoulas Street to the intersection with Henderson Street before coming to a conclusion in front of Mardi Gras World.
Legion of Mars Parade w/Freret (2018)


Members must log on and register under their profile by clicking on the words "Parade Registration" in blue below.  Members may register themselves and as many guests as they like (guests are first time riders only).

Parade Registration

Guests must be sponsored by a member.  For individuals who have ridden before, but are not members, must join to ride.  Registration can be completed by paying online by credit card or by sending a check, made out to THE CINCINNATUS CLUB, to P.O. Box 24250, New Orleans, LA 70184.  Please make a note of what the check is for on a note or physically on the check.

Legion of Mars Muster (Loading the Floats):

Suturday, February 3, 2018, 0900hrs (9:00AM), Mardi Gras World

Krewe of Freret Parade:



Parade Cost (Includes Costume):

Riding Memberships include parade costs

TBD for first time guest riders and sponsored by a member

Throw Packages:

You can now order your throw package online at
Riders must purchase a minimum $435 throw package from the available $435, $585, $835, and $1,085 packages.  A-la-carte items are also available.

Initial Instructions:

Once a member has paid to ride, the krewe will make the process of purchasing throws available so you can make your purchases before TBD.  Registration includes your costume size and other instructions that will be mailed out later or given to you at your scheduled float dinner. 

Also, if you do not have an assigned float lieutenant, the krewe will assign one based upon your request and availability.  If you have questions, talk with your float lieutenant. Or call: Seth Schaumburg at 504-390-7560 or email him at

For additional information regarding the parade route and the Krewe of Freret visit



The Legion of Mars will storm the streets of New Orleans for the 5th time on Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 3:00 p.m.  We will be riding along the Uptown route as part of the Krewe of Freret. Preparations for our wonderful ongoing parade are well underway with some NEW and EXCITING things in store. 


EVEN IF YOU ARE SIGNED UP AS A RIDING MEMBER, YOU STILL MUST REGISTER FOR THE PARADE.  You must go to Cincinnatus Club – Home page on the internet.   First, you must log in to your account.  Pay your membership dues if you have not done so yet, then go to Parade Tab at top. 


Click on Parade Tab at top.  On parade page, click on “Parade Registration” in blue.  Click “Register” and input all your information in the fields provided.  If you are registered as a “Riding Individual Membership”, you will not be charged an additional fee for registering for the parade.  Additional guests can be added at a cost of TBD per rider. 

If you are registered as a “Couple Riding”, then you will add your spouse as a guest and will not be charged for your spouse.  Additional guests can be added at a cost of TBD per rider.

After your parade registration is completed, then click on Parade Tab at top of home page and follow directions below under Parade Throw Packages


If a member has not already registered you for the parade as a guest rider, then follow these directions. 

If you are a first-time guest rider, then go to Cincinnatus Club – Home page on the internet.  Click on the Parade Tab at the top of the home page.  On the parade page, click on “Parade Registration” in blue.  Click “Register” and input all your information in the fields provided.  Guest riders will be charged TBD to ride plus must purchase a throw package discussed below.  After your parade registration is completed, then click on Parade Tab at top of home page and follow direction for Parade Throw packages in next section.

If you have ridden in the parade before, you must register as a member to ride this year.  Go to the “Join Us” Tab at top of Home Page and choose one of the riding memberships.  After payment is received, you will be notified of acceptance into the organization within 24-48 hours.  After you are accepted into the organization, you still must register for the parade and purchase your throw package.  See Riding Members and Parade Registration for Members above.


Click on Parade Tab at top of home page.  Make sure you are logged in, your membership dues are paid, you have registered for the parade, and you have registered all of your guests.  On the Parade page scroll down to “Throw Packages:” and click on  This link will take you to the Plush Appeal Website to purchase your parade packages.  Click on each package for a description of what is included.  You can buy “A La Carte” items as well.  After you have added all your parade packages and A La Carte items to your cart, in the “special instructions for seller” enter your name, your spouse’s name if applicable, and your guests’ names and which package each gets and your float lieutenant’s name. EACH RIDER MUST BUY A SEPARATE THROW PACKAGE.  NO SHARING OF PACKAGES.

Next, click “Proceed to Checkout”.  You will be asked to enter your shipping address.  This is for record keeping purposes only.  No items will be shipped to your house.

If you have any questions or problems making an order online, please contact Plush Appeal at (504) 482-6100 or Seth Schaumburg, Parade Chairman at (504) 390-7560 or


Friday, February 2, 2018

            1:00 – 3:00 pm:  Plush Appeal will load floats in Lot I at Mardi Gras World

            3:00 – 6:00 pm:  Riders can load additional throws, etc.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

            Park in Lot J on right side of convention center in front of Mardi Gras World

            10:30 – 11:00 pm:  ice chests, food, etc, can be loaded on the floats in Lot I


            11:00 – 2:00 pm:  Pre-parade party at Mardi Gras World along the river.  Enter at the gift shop. 

            2:00 pm:  buses will leave Mardi Gras World to take riders to line-up area

            3:00 pm:  Parade begins

            At end of parade, you will be dropped off at Mardi Gras World    

The Cincinnatus Club

 P.O. Box 24250

New Orleans, Louisiana 70184

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